Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Crave Cakes

Everyone in Calgary knows Crave for their amazing cupcakes. But did you know that they also have cakes?

THEY DO. The cakes are expensive, but I tried one, and you guys - it's the best thing I have ever eaten. Not the best cake - the best thing. I tried this one in chocolate:

Best Birthdays: Crave Cakes Review
Here's the run-down.


Awesome. The gold standard by which all other cakes shall be judged. It's very rich, so you don't need much to get your sugar-high.


The cakes appear to be aimed more toward weddings and adult birthdays than kids' parties. They're pretty, but obviously not geared toward kids. BUT Crave does offer a wide range of special cupcakes with characters such as dinosaurs and princesses!


$40 - $95 for cakes that serve 8 - 30 people. I thought this was really spendy, and then I realized that cakes from Co-op cost this much.


Seriously, I can't stop thinking about that CAKE, you guys. If your kid is a serious chocolate-lover, go for it. They will love you forever. *

* They probably will love you forever even if you don't buy them cake. But no guarantees.

Full Disclosure: SADLY, I received no free cake or other compensation for this review.

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