Friday, November 22, 2013

Christmas Cash Giveaway!

Could you use a little extra cash for an upcoming birthday, or for the holidays? You could buy some extra presents for the kids! Or, if your heart is cold like mine, some awesome boots for you!

Along with some friends, I am bringing you a cash giveaway for $110. Those are Canadian dollars, but ANYONE can enter, no matter where you live!

All you have to do is follow some blogs on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter (use the entry form below). You get access to all of our fantastic content, and we get some new adoring fans!

PS, My husband says people will be afraid I will stalk them. I will not stalk you, I PROMISE. I have kids - I don't have time for stalking. I don't even have time for sleeping, and I'd much MUCH rather do that.


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