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Best Gifts for One-Year-Olds

One-year-olds are really hard to buy for. They are too big for "baby" toys, but too small for "toddler" toys. So what are the best presents for a one-year-old? Here are my picks!
Best Birthday Gifts for 1-year-olds

1) Ball Pit 

Sam of Thrive 360 Living made a brilliant ball pit from an inflatable pool. I stole her idea at Christmas. The instant my son (13 months old) saw it, he literally threw himself into it. He barely got out for the next three days. My house is too messy to take a photo, but here is Sam's:

Best Birthday Gifts for 1-year-olds

I used this pool and these balls (300). 

This also led to my own stroke of genius: a crib ball pit! My kids thought this was pretty awesome.

Best Birthday Gifts for 1-year-olds

Xylophones are everywhere, but this one from Etsy stands out because of its cool shape. Babies will love creating music with a stirring motion, and you will love that this thing can double as art on your shelf.

Best Birthday Gifts for 1-year-olds

3) Baby Dolls - for Girls and Boys

These are pricier gifts (I'm looking at YOU, Grandma), but the quality of the Corolle dolls is unbeatable. My son loves to play with the eyeballs on his - they open and close. And when my daughter was one year old, she would feed and rock her baby dolls. She's almost four, and she STILL loves them That's play value.

Best Birthday Gifts for 1-year-olds

4) Double Rainbow Stacker

I like this stacker because babies can stack the shapes by colour, shape OR size. We have a stacker by a brand that I'll call Prisher Frice, which is angled so that there is ONE right way to get those darn rings on. My kids lose interest in that quickly. Bonus: this is pretty enough that you don't have to put it away. It's not mess - it's decorative!
Best Birthday Gifts for 1-year-olds

5) Batman Teether

If your baby uses a Batman teether, he or she will get super powers. True story. Okay, maybe not - but your baby WILL be awesome.

Best Birthday Gifts for 1-year-olds

6) Kidoozie Peek N Peep Eggs

I bought these years ago, and both of my kids LOVE them. When you press the chick, it peeps. And one-year-olds LOVE putting things into other things and taking them out again.

Best Birthday Gifts for 1-year-olds
7) Blocks

These blocks are particularly great because they are squishy. That means they will stick to each other just a bit, so you can make really cool structures. And even better - they're chewable!

Best Birthday Gifts for 1-year-olds

8, 9, 10) Books! 

Books are always a good present. One-year-olds like to eat their books in addition to reading them, so stick to board books. Here are some of my favourite books for this age!

That's Not My ______ (Bear, Pony, Hamster, Princess, Baby, etc, etc, etc)

This series of Usborne books has a different texture to feel on every page, and the illustrations have heavy black outlines that appeal to little eyes. Babies LOVE them.

Grumpy Bird, by Jeremy Tankard

Bird wakes up grumpy. Too grumpy to do ANYTHING. Babies can RELATE, yo. The Grumpy Bird books are funny, and they have cool collage-style illustrations. I love them, and so do my kids.

Where is Baby's Mommy? by Karen Katz

Baby is looking for Mommy, and YOUR baby lifts big sturdy flaps to aid in the search. This is also a series - Baby loses a LOT of things. See also: Where is Baby's Birthday Cake, Where is Baby's Puppy, etc.

Want gift suggestions for kids, moms, dads, and teachers? I have them all here!

Full Disclosure: The Amazon links are affiliate links, and if I ever make money off of them, I will probably spend it on Amazon.


  1. I love the "That's not my..." books and grumpy bird. They have been some of my kid's favorites.
    I also got my daughter one of those Corelle dolls you recommend and it is wonderful. I wasn't sure it would be worth the extra price, but it's soft enough for her to snuggle with at night, and sits well and easily. It was also easy for her to carry around. I totally recommend it.

  2. LOVE these ideas. And that batman teether.....freakin adorable!

  3. That's not my....favorite books in our house

  4. Fantastic ideas! Books have always been my go to gift for kids. I read to my son all the time when he was wee and he will often tell me how much he loved that special time. In fact, he has a box of old books that he is keeping for his own kids... I love that!

  5. I love this round-up! I usually give books but I love that ball pit!

  6. Great ideas! I liked the ball pits, so much fun!

  7. Great ideas! Love the ball pit - why didn't I ever think of that?? It would have been my girls' favourite thing.


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