Monday, April 21, 2014

Gifts for Moms

If you are a HUSBAND or CHILD: Mother's Day is May 11! That is less than one month away! Order something now - suggestions below. FYI - these are also great for birthdays!

If you are a MOTHER: leave this page open and place the computer somewhere conspicuous. 

Gifts for Moms - Mother's Day and Birthdays via Best Birthdays

Moms Like Chocolate

Chocolate Gifts for Mom on Mother's Day via Best Birthdays
1. Chocolate Bar iPhone Case | 2. Rilakkuma Chocolate iPhone Case | 3. Chocolate Molecule Necklace | 4. Scented Donut Necklace | 5. Melting Chocolate Bar Necklace | 6. Chocolate Bar Journal | 7. Chocolate Ring

Moms Like to Look Great

Gifts for Mom: Clothing and Accessories via Best Birthdays

1. Wooden Polyhedron Pendant | 2. Hand-Painted Owl Wings Scarf | 3. Laser Cut 'Gemstone' Necklace | 4. Neon Statement Necklace | 5. Stained Glass Leaf Necklace | 6. Wrapped Fox T-Shirt | 7. Striped Sailor Dress

Moms Like to Sleep

Pajamas and Sleepwear for Moms on Mother's Day via Best Birthdays

1. Classic Cotton Robe | 2. Jersey Swing Pajama Top | 3. Stripey Sleep Mask | 4. Kimono Bathrobe | 5. Bamboo Terry Pajama Top | 6. Crochet House Slippers | 7. 'Lady Bird' House Slippers

Free (but Priceless) Gifts

  • Art from the kids
  • A nap
  • A few hours to lay down / read a book / otherwise relax

Full disclosure: I am a Mom, and I want all of these things. This post is not sponsored in any way, and none of the links are affiliate links. I just want good presents. Photos belong to the Etsy sellers listed above.

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  1. Can we both hope for all of these things?! What a great list!

  2. I want all these things too, Katie! Thanks for the suggestions, I'll be passing them on :)

  3. Hmmmm not just moms!!!!!!! Great suggestions!

  4. My mom and I always take each other to the theatre, since my birthday is right around Mothers Day. I like this round up, though...maybe I can get some for me?? :)

  5. Great gift ideas! I love the geometric pendant. Thanks for featuring my slippers :)

  6. Well done! Great ideas. I always struggle to figure out what to get my mom! And she deserves the world. ;)

  7. Awe, so great! Good for you for getting the Mother's Day game on!! :-)

  8. Great idea to scope Etsy for Mother's Day stuff. And all beautiful choices!

  9. Oooh how fun! What a pretty post with so many great ideas!!

  10. I just want my children to get along for a day :) Some GREAT ideas here though!

  11. Gorgeous finds and ideas!!

  12. What a great round up of Etsy finds, thanks!

  13. I love the way you organized everything around what Moms like! I like everyone of them!

  14. I adore those little Crochet House Slippers, so cute!


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