Thursday, May 1, 2014

Party Purrrfect: a Hello Kitty Party

Nanica Brown is a storyteller and marketing genius. She has some brilliant ideas in this guest post about saving money on loot bags, and creating a fun and easy party! Thanks, Nanica!!

Hello Kitty Birthday Party on Best Birthdays

I love planning parties. Well actually I am a much better adult party planner than kids' birthday party whiz. I get adults, I know what we like. Kids, well not so much.

When I asked my soon to be three-year-old what theme she wanted to do for her birthday she said: dinosaurs, Doc McStuffins, Agent Oso, babies, balloons, cake, sparkles, Pinkie Pie, the stars, moon, planets and a bounce house. 

Hello Kitty Birthday Party on Best Birthdays

Clearly, less Disney Chanel is required at my house. Anyway, she couldn't make up her mind and I was at a loss. Fortunately a trip to Target saved the day.

A few days after Valentine's Day I'd gone to Target to get a gallon of milk (ahem, escape my kids for a few minutes). As I wandered through the One Spot section (their version of a dollar store) right in front of my eyes it hit me. Hellooooo Kitty! 

Hello Kitty Birthday Party on Best Birthdays

Target was blowing out their seasonal product line which included all things heart shaped and Hello Kitty. I was able to buy bracelets, necklaces, colouring packs and felt bags featuring Hello Kitty for between 10-50 cents a piece. 


I scooped up enough bags to cover the hoard of children that would be coming to celebrate and it cost me less that $20 AND I had a great theme for her third birthday. 

Hello Kitty Birthday Party on Best Birthdays

From there it was easy. I borrowed a cake pan and bought a Hello Kitty printable set on Etsy and invited all her friends. Then it was just a matter of waiting since her birthday was in April. 

Hello Kitty Birthday Party on Best Birthdays

Two months later we had a great birthday - there was fun, friends, family, cake and the most important part for parents - the bounce house. All of the guests left with great goody bags that didn't break the bank and I am already on the hunt for deals for my son's pirate / Phineas and Ferb / Star Wars / costume party coming up in December. 

So share - what are your cheap but amazing goody bag ideas?

Editor's note: Nanica OWNS a bounce house (best mom EVER). But you can rent one - here's a list of bounce houses for rent in Calgary.


  1. What an adorable party! The Target dollar aisle is my kryptonite. My goody bag idea: buy some supplies end of season. Things like glow sticks or little crayons can always be saved and used for most any kind of celebration.

  2. So fun! We're having a Hello Kitty party for my niece next weekend. It's such a fun theme. We can't wait to make her cake!

  3. I used to love planning birthday parties for my children!! So much fun!

  4. Wow! I would want one of these for my birthday. :) I can't decide which of the cupcakes looks the best! yum!


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