Monday, June 30, 2014

Calgary Reptile Parties (a Real Party!)

This week, my wonderful friend Merry from Merry About Town is here! Check out her blog for fantastic recipes and some great inspirational writing, too. 

Merry hired Calgary Reptile Parties for her son's most recent birthday, and needless to say, it was AWESOME.

Birthday parties for really small kids are pretty easy. They are happy if they get to play with their friends and there is cake. As they age, the bar for “great party” status starts to rise. Unfortunately, they are not the best people to ask what a “great party” is. Magical parties with 3D cakes, life size cartoon characters and ponies are ideas that are thrown around. As fun as that would be… it’s just not practical.

After many ideas were dismissed as too lame, we contacted Calgary Reptile Parties. I wasn’t sure about turning my backyard in to a reptile farm, but Evan thought the idea sounded amazing.

Calgary Reptile Parties via Best Birthdays

Our reptile party host arrived with a big plastic tote of animals. Party guests surrounded our picnic table in a semi-circle so everyone could see. As each reptile appeared, she told us about each species and made sure that everyone got a good look.

Calgary Reptile Parties via Best Birthdays

One of the cooler things we got to see were the tarantula molt (the molted off skin of a tarantula. Who knew they even did that? It looked like a deflated tarantula, complete with fangs!). We picked the VIP Party experience, so Evan got to pick his favorite reptile and get his picture taken with it. He chose the spotted gecko.

Calgary Reptile Parties via Best Birthdays

Overall, everyone loved the party. It was a great mixture of cool, educational and easy. Calgary Reptile Parties brings everything with them to your home. They just ask that you supply a table out of the sun and a tablecloth. You can make the food and theme of the rest of the party as elaborate as you want but I found that I didn’t need to do much…the reptiles stole the show.

Calgary Reptile Parties via Best Birthdays

Thank you so much for sharing your awesome Reptile Party, Merry! I want one for MY birthday. And here's something that will really impress Calgarians: this party happened during the flood in 2013. Merry's area was largely shut down, as was much of the city. But Calgary Reptile Parties STILL made it to her house! 

Need more ideas about party entertainment for hire? Check out my list of Calgary Party Entertainers!

Full Disclosure: The snake image in the title photo was designed by Ola Moller from the Noun Project, and is used through a Creative Commons license.


    1. My 5 year old son went to a birthday party where the host invited the Calgary Reptile Parties to come and show the kids few of their animals. The kids loved it. They had fun petting the animals, looking at them, and finding out many interesting things about them. The reptiles stole the show, indeed.

      Alina (

    2. If reptile parties had been "a thing" when I was a little girl I totally would have had one! Maybe I'll have one for the big 3-2 this fall. ;)

      1. I said the SAME THING, Taylor! And it sounds like we share a birthday. ;)

    3. we had a party like this for my kids when they were small it was a HUGE hit, lots of fun and a great idea for a party

    4. Great idea for a party, my boys would have a blast!

    5. I am absolutely terrified but my kids would love it.

    6. Yup, my kids would love this! They're so brave holding those reptiles. EEks. Great idea!


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