Monday, June 23, 2014

25 Summer Loot Bag Ideas

I, personally, love giant bags of candy. I know my kids do, too. BUT I know that many parents nowadays are looking for alternatives to a sugar-filled loot bag.

25 Summer Loot Bag Ideas - easy and inexpensive!

Well, I came up with this GIANT list of summer loot bag ideas, just for you. And they are all easy AND inexpensive. You're welcome.

25 Easy Summer Loot Bag Ideas

1) A mix CD: the songs can fit the party theme! Or you could have a summer-music playlist. ANYTHING that gets Frozen out of rotation in my car.

2) Sunglassess: also available ANYWHERE this time of year.

25 Summer Loot Bag Ideas - easy and inexpensive!

3) Books: ALWAYS in season.

4) Play-Doh: store-bought or homemade.

5) A mini canvas with a few jars of paint and a brush.

25 Summer Loot Bag Ideas - easy and inexpensive!

6) Beach towels: ones with TV characters will go over well.

7) Flower or vegetable seeds: my kids grew some sunflowers inside once, and they loved it.

8) Sidewalk chalk: you can never have enough. Give a whole box or a few pieces.

25 Summer Loot Bag Ideas - easy and inexpensive!

9) Balls: basketball, soccer ball, bouncy ball, etc. You can buy them anywhere, for cheap.

10) Bubbles: always a hit.

25 Summer Loot Bag Ideas - easy and inexpensive!

11) Foil balloons: use them as decorations and then send them home with your guests! They last for WEEKS, and are very hard to pop.

12) Sand toys: we don't have a beach, but we use these at the playground.

25 Summer Loot Bag Ideas - easy and inexpensive!

13) Hula hoops. 

14) Slinkies: a spring, a spring, a marvelous thing! You can buy little ones for just $1.

25 Summer Loot Bag Ideas - easy and inexpensive!

15) Colouring books and crayons.

16) Canvas bags or backpacks: add an iron-on or patches to jazz them up.

17) Water bottles: stay hydrated, yo. 

25 Summer Loot Bag Ideas - easy and inexpensive!

OMG Parties Are Expensive. 

Save money by combining the loot bag with the party activity! For instance:

18) Cookie-Making: kids decorate cookies and bring home the cookie cutter they used, along with a recipe.

19) Lego: kids can build something out of Lego at the party, then bring their sculpture home (bonus: less clutter at your house)!

20) Baking / Cooking: kids make any kind of food or treat at the party, and bring home an apron or chef’s hat. How about a pizza party?

21) Planting: kids plant a seed or seedling at the party, decorate the pot, and bring their new plant home.

25 Summer Loot Bag Ideas - easy and inexpensive!
I got these at the dollar store.

22) Fabric-Painting: kids decorate t-shirts, pillow cases, or canvas bags and bring them home – use tie-dye, fabric paint, or stick-on patches.

23) Picture Frames: kids decorate a picture frame. Take a picture of them at the party, print it, and send them home with the finished product.

24) Necklaces: kids string necklaces (with beads OR candy) to bring home.

25) Art / Craft: if you do any kind of art project at the party, kids can keep the finished result - try something easy like paintings or collages. You can give the kids smocks to protect their clothes and to keep as a favour!

REMEMBER: We tend to over-think this. Most kids are actually pretty easy to please. Keep it simple, and have fun!

For more easy loot bag ideas, check out my post on Winter Loot Bags!


  1. What a great idea!! I've never thought of making Summer Loot Bags! My daughters would love this!!

  2. Love this post! Great ideas!

  3. Thanks for posting these Katie...I feel like I always have great ideas till the week before the party and then my mind goes blank and I need help! So glad I follow your blog :)

  4. Going to forward this to my family members with little ones- great ideas!

  5. Fabulous ideas! Makes me want to be a kid again too! ;) Thanks for sharing at Monday Funday link party! Pinning! ~ Heather

  6. So many cool, fun... and even a few vintage ideas! Oops, did I just date myself? ;-) This list definitely says summer is here!

  7. Wonderful and creative as usual, you must not sleep at night with all of these awesome ideas!? Pinning!

  8. This is great! I once made hooded towels for the goodie at the end of a backyard pool birthday party. Grady still uses his 3 years later!

  9. Great ideas! I think its fun to change things up and try something different with the loot bags. But you're right - simple works best for kids!

  10. Really great ideas, so much more creative!

  11. Super cute ideas! Love the thoughts on combining activities with loot bags too.


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