Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Parties in Calgary for Kids Who Love Animals

I've spent a lot of time compiling a list of every place in Calgary where you can have a kids' birthday party. However, that is a very long list, so I'm breaking it down into my favourites.

Here are the best places in Calgary to have a birthday party for kids who love animals!

The Calgary Zoo

This one is a given. The Zoo offers parties based on several different themes, including penguins, big cats, butterflies, and dinosaurs. Kids get a guided tour, snack, activities, and access to special "bio-facts" (such as skeletons).

We're lucky to live in a city with a world-class Zoo, and their birthday parties are awesome. You can read my full review here.

Best Parties in Calgary for Kids Who Love Animals

The Inglewood Bird Sanctuary

I love the Bird Sanctuary, and so do my kids. Parties there are lead by the sanctuary's educators, and the birthday room is actually really beautiful - you don't have to decorate! You get a tour of the sanctuary, a craft, and some bird-themed dress-up! More info from the City of Calgary here.

Butterfield Acres

Butterfield Acres is an open farm just outside Calgary. The "open" part means that you get to pet the animals!!! Parties here are really awesome. They include a tractor ride, animal-feeding, goat-milking, and food for the kids. You can also get upgrades like private pony rides! For more details, check out my review of parties at Butterfield Acres here.

Best Parties in Calgary for Kids Who Love Animals

Butterfield Acres Mini Farm

If you want to stay close to home, you can also hire the Butterfield Acres Mini Farm to come to you! If you have some space in a yard or garage, they will bring some fencing and some animals. My friend Dana had a party with them, and she wrote all about it here!

Best Parties in Calgary for Kids Who Love Animals

Horsin' Around

Parties at Horsin' Around include pony or horse rides, a petting zoo, and BBQs. When I was nine, I went to a party that included a horseback riding lesson. I am significantly older, and I still remember it. It was awesome. You can find more info about the parties at Horsin' Around here.

Bow Habitat Station

Birthday parties at the Bow Habitat Station are lead by their amazing educators, and include games, party favours, and a gift for the birthday child. There are several different packages available, but the kids could end up feeding the fish, using dip nets to explore an interpretive wetland, or watching a movie of your choice in their theatre!

My kids love this place - there are a ton of fun, interactive activities to keep them interested. You can read more about it in my review here!

Best Parties in Calgary for Kids Who Love Animals


They sell pet supplies, but they also do parties! Petland birthday parties feature animals that are small and fuzzy or slithery and scaly, but they do take note of your preferences. You get a one-hour presentation about animal care, and the kids get to interact with the pets. I love that Petland stores feature homeless animals looking for adoption, so this is something I would totally do. You can find more info on their website!

Calgary Reptile Parties

Several of my friends have hired Calgary Reptile Parties, and they all LOVED them. Hosts come to your house with several reptiles. They give kids information about the animals, proper care, and conservation. My friend Merry had a party with Calgary Reptile Parties, and she wrote about it here!

Best Parties in Calgary for Kids Who Love Animals

For more ideas, check out my list of every party venue in Calgary!

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