Monday, June 6, 2016

Serious Fun with Kitchen Kids

My friend Sarah (of Doing All the Things) recently paid full price for a party with Kitchen Kids, and she loved it so much, she decided to review it for Best Birthdays! Thank you, Sarah!

Me: “So what do you do?”

New friend at a party: “I host culinary birthday parties for kids based on competitive cooking shows.”

Me: “Take all my money and come do my daughter's birthday please!”

My eldest daughter, a selective eater, is nevertheless entranced by competitive Iron Chef-style cooking shows. When I told her I had booked a Kitchen Kids party for her 11th birthday that would involve timed challenges and a winner, she was thrilled.

Company founder Rachel Fugate throws kid-friendly food competition parties in your home, in the backyard or in a community centre. Parents choose the menu ahead of time and buy the ingredients,
and Rachel does the rest.

And the rest is a lot! Rachel showed up a little before the party with everything the girls would need, including measuring cups, bowls, knives, cutting boards, etc., which she set up around the island in individual work stations.

We had decided ahead of time to make smoothies and crepes. Smoothies were up first - the girls had one minute to choose their ingredients before Rachel instructed them on safe knife skills and let them prep their smoothies.

After a round of tasting they voted anonymously for their favourite before moving on to crepe making.

The girls took their time here, making their crepes from a standard recipe, cooking them then trying out their plating abilities. I think a few of them ended up learning that there is such a thing as too much whipped cream and icing sugar.

They voted again, and the winning girl was thrilled to receive a cookbook as her prize (provided by Kitchen Kids).

The girls dispersed to run off the sugar, and Rachel whisked the dirty dishes away in no time.

The details

Parties cost $250 for eight participants. Cooking-themed loot bags, with items like measuring spoons, cutting boards and recipe cards, start at $10 per bag.

We chose smoothies and crepes for our theme, but you can also choose from paninis, pizzas, tacos, salads, wraps and more.

Full Disclosure: Sarah paid full price for this party and it was worth every penny.

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